Dragon Tamer - Dessa Van Schuyver

Everyone is talking about Realtime!
Thinking about upgrading your equipment?

The thought of transitioning to realtime can be overwhelming. Many of us started reporting years before realtime systems for mask reporters even existed. Times have changed!

Almost all newly certified reporters are using some form of realtime technology.

Today's reporters are expected to be able to provide a realtime feed, daily copy or an instant read-back. More and more courts will only hire reporters with realtime capabilities.
Most mask reporters know the speech engine of choice for today's voice writers is Dragon. With previous versions of Dragon, it took weeks, months or years to get Dragon to respond to our mask voices. Those days are gone!

Released in 2015, Dragon Professional Individual is the smartest and fastest Dragon yet.



Start Transitioning to Realtime today with Dragon 101!

Dessa Van Schuyver will teach you how to tame your Dragon!